Cargo Ship



Refit Management System

Custom-designed solution for managing refit operations of Ships. Stability Calculator allows you to check stability parameters in Water and in Dry Dock. Easily track men and material during short and long refits. Actively in-use for ships with tonnage of more than 3000 tons.

Rounds Monitoring

An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use hardware and software tool for planning and monitoring time-scheduled rounds on vessels. Works with underwater compartments as well. Generates graphical reports of compartments with colour-coded observations recording by personnel while taking rounds. Helps improve safety and maintenance..

Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets
Rig Maintenance

Gangway Monitoring

A must-have tool for quartermasters and stakeholders to record and automate movement across the gangway. Monitor, record and track material (stock, spares, replacements, material), people (officer, sailor, dockyard worker, vendor, visitor), supplies (food, medicine, mess, consumables) in one single-system for quick info, search and reporting.

Stores and Onboard Spares Management

Multilingual Procurement and Supply Chain software for managing purchase, suppliers, vendors, inventory, spares, medical items, supplies and services efficiently. Modules like Budgeting and Offer Comparison save time and ensure compliance. Integrated with comprehensive accounting module with multi-currency, multi-region, chart of accounts.

Packages on Shelves
Cargo Ship at Sea

Operations and Maintenance

Empower your crew to efficiently plan, operate and maintain your vessels. Your office staff can derive analysis from past data to better manage lead times. Ensure compliance with regulations and requirements on a timely basis thereby reducing the life-cycle cost of equipment and machinery. Easily handle Noon Report, Ship Schedule, Vessel Particulars, Job Overview,Job History, Running Hour Recording, Damages / Defects, Dry Dock, Parts Management and Job Card Collection.

Crew Management, HRIS and Payroll

Multilingual Workforce management software that helps in recruitment, employment contracts, compliance, work hour tracking, leaves, travel, expenses and wage calculations. Onboard functions like briefing, de-briefing, performance appraisal, work, overtime and rest hours and audit trails.

A Port Worker

Self-Service and Info-Display Kiosks

Our kiosks ensure everyone knows when, how and what they’re supposed to be doing. They keep your staff well informed, put your visitors in control and help you coordinate and plan your resources more efficiently. With integrated biometric, RFID, barcode scanner, printer, power-backup and redundant computing module, you can use our rugged Kiosks for a variety of applications.